I have dealt with Mark Fonte on several legal issues he has been nothing but professional, courteous and compassionate. I would highly recommend him to to anyone who has a legal issue knowing that he will do everything in his power to guide them through their trying times as he is an expert in his field. His reputation is above reproach.


When our son was arrested for DWI we didn’t know where to turn. Mr. Fonte was our answer! He put us at ease and kept us fully informed. Today our son has no criminal record. We can’t thank him enough.


I hired Mr. Fonte after getting into some trouble with the law. He was professsional, understanding and made me feel like someone was on my side. I was facing possible jail time and Mr. Fonte kept all of his promises and kept me out of jail. He got me the best deal possible. He was early for every court date and returned every single phone call. He is a man of his word and I HIGHLY recommend him. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or a better attorney.


I used Mark Fonte when my son was arrested and we were all scared to death. He reassured us right from the start that everything would be ok. It took many court appearances and he fought hard for my son. He didn’t stop fighting until he got my son off from the charges. Everyone seemed to know and respect him, even the Judges. He has such a presence in the courtroom you just feel comforted seeing him. He is definitely the lawyer you want representing a loved one. He seemed like a professional and the rest were amatures. I will always be grateful to him.


Mr. Fonte was very knowledgeable, reassuring, and explained everything that was going to happen to me.. I was in my 30’s when I was arrested, scared, and over whelmed that I was involved with the Judicial System. I was concerned and frighten of the walk through the Judicial System Mr. Mark Fonte calmed my fears, held my hand, and the outcome was just as he said it would. A couple of times Mr. Fonte couldn’t be present for my case and he told me well ahead of time and briefed me on the covering lawyer and what to expect. Mark Fonte is the lawyer you want on your side and he will return phone calls, inform you of your rights and what will happen.


He is man of his word!!! And, he knows his stuff bottom line if he can’t win nobody else can…..

Anonymous Client

I’ve hired lawyers before, but Mr. Fonte is truly the best I’ve ever worked with. He got the job done! Every phone call, email and text was answered. The case went smoothly and we won! Extremely professional – highly recommend

Anonymous Client

Makes the understanding of your current situation very clear. Honest as to how things will turn out, VERY quick and responsive. Great lawyer overall.

Frankie G.

Mark is everything you need. His mastery is proven with his results and I will say he outperforms in both integrity and ability. I have consulted with Mark in the past and witnessed him deliver on his promises 110%. If you are in a rough situation , having Mark take care of it & most importantly having your back will give you almost total peace of mind. He is very fair in his fees after he gives you the Game-plan youtalk money after in which you will as a logical person feel the same way w/ the amount you’ll pay. My review speaks on behalf of many in my personal community as well.

Nick D.

Very compassionate and understanding lawyer who will do everything he can to defend you. He got my charges dismissed in just two hearings. He is also willing to work with you in regards to payment plans and his office is a block away from the courthouse which is a plus. I highly recommend him!

Ana A.

He is very attentive and compassionate to his client. Thorough with explaining the details of my case and what the outcome could be. He is down to earth and in the court room extremely professional, firm and persistent. Best experience in the worst situation.

Robert B.

I highly recommend Mark Fonte for legal services. I have consulted with Mr. Fonte in the past, and can attest that his reputation as an expert in his field is unsurpassed. He is compassionate and knowledgable and deftly guides his clients through their trying times in the legal system.

Dawnmarie M.

I will start off saying mark fonte is the best lawyer there is not only will he defend you to the best of his ability he always goes above and beyond for his clients whether you’re in court or on the phone with him he’s always there for you he starts off being your lawyer and ends up being your friend he’s passionate about each and every case any fights for you wholeheartedly. There is no better criminal lawyer in Staten Island.

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