One major mistake clients make is posting to social media in civil cases. A significant amount of those civil cases are pertinent to personal injury law. A lot of times, clients will post about vacationing or engaging in physical activity while injured. This is something that must not be done and here are the reasons:

  1. The Defendant’s Case will be Strengthened: Attorneys and defendants will observe the social media patterns of the plaintiff and his or her confidant. When the plaintiff engages in posting about any physical-activity engagement or is even tagged in a post with such engagement, that can serve as strength for the defendant which can result in an unfavorable outcome for the plaintiff.
  2. Contradiction of Injury Claims: If you are engaging in activities that require physical exertion such as a sport, the evidence can debunk the plaintiff’s validity of the claim.

Social Media Limitation is not only limited to posting about physical activity but also posting in a manner in which one is engaging in negative banter especially in an erratic manner can also undermine the claims made by the plaintiff. Therefore, it is imperative for one who is involved in a personal injury case and is making a claim to stay off social media.

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